Deaf West Theatre stands firmly against white supremacy and the grip that it has on the American theatre industry. We are deeply committed to building systemic racial equity within our organization, industry, and community at large. Because of our unique position as a Deaf-led company, access and inclusion are one of the primary pillars of our equity efforts.


We recognize that racism and audism go hand-in-hand, and that the active pursuit of racial justice benefits everyone through the deliberate examination of systems of oppression — systems that disenfranchise people across a wide spectrum of different demographics, circumstances, and experiences. 


This statement is just a beginning. It is the standard by which we will move in our community, and it will lead to swift and actionable change. In this effort, we will prioritize more robust leadership, more intentional policymaking, and more equitable access in our community engagement. 


We are not perfect. We never will be. But through this commitment to the relentless pursuit of empathy, and of growing our understanding of these systems and how they are unintentionally upheld within our own organization, we are making a promise to do better.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about our efforts:

Please feel free to contact us at info@deafwest.org