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In-Person Festival: March 13-17, 2024 in Salt Lake City, UT

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About Us

National Deaf Theatre Festival is an educational theatrical competition for young Deaf actors across the United States.

The NDTF gives young Deaf performers the ability to perform on a national stage, refine their skills through competition and feedback, use ASL as their medium for acting, witness professional theatre in an accessible language, and socialize with like-minded Deaf peers.

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History of the NDTF

Are you a high school teacher or administrator
that would like to register your Deaf student/s?
Students must be Deaf and enrolled in High School.

Join us for the 2024

National Deaf Theatre Festival!

  • In-Person Festival March 13 - 17, 2024, in Salt Lake City, UT at USDB

To register for the 2024 festival, please fill out the in-take form below: 

For any questions, please email:

2024 Festival

With the success of the 2023 National Deaf Theatre Festival which was attended by over 100 students nationwide, we are looking forward to the 2024 Festival.

The 2024 festival will consist of a five day in-person festival of workshops and trainings taught by best in class instructors from the entertainment field. The festival will conclude the festival with a showcase of artistry and performances, concluding in a nationally viewed live talent show.


Cinema Seats

2024 NDTF Team

2024 Festival

The National Deaf Theatre Festival consists of different class offerings that are meant to foster and nurture festival participant's inquisitive minds through creativity, while becoming confident, independent thinkers through social-emotional learning activities.

In-Person Festival:

Participating students and schools will travel to Utah School for the Deaf in Salt Lake City, UT for three days of in-person theatre arts workshops and classes from Teaching Artists from Deaf West Theatre.


Workshop topics include: Acting, Filmmaking, Storytelling, Dancing, Performance and more!


2023 Virtual Class Descriptions

Intro to Acting & Movement

Course Description: Want to learn some new ropes to acting? This course covers an experiential exploration to introduce the fundamentals of acting including physical & voice awareness, monologue work, and audition technique & preparation with a strong concentration on movement.

Teaching Artist: Andrew Morrill

Deaf GenZ owns the World: Creativity & Filmmaking. 

This course explores the influence and all the possibilities this generation has on creativity and filmmaking. There are many different ways to produce effective storytelling. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with the art of filmmaking using mobile devices where the power of storytelling will shape the future. Apple does it. Nike does it. Even TikTok does it. You can be part of the influential change by believing in your own gift! 

Teaching Artist: Storm Smith

What’s your Story?

Every story starts with an idea. What comes with a great story actually begins with a seed of thought. Come join me to learn the difference between improv and scripted stories and how you can get your creative juices flowing. It’s your time to shine!

Teaching Artist: Renca Dunn

2023 In-Person Festival Overview

March 16, 2023

Travel day.


Opening ceremony and ice-breaker activities (evening).

March 17, 2023

All day camp with Teaching Artists from Deaf West Theatre and Sunshine 2.0 where the focus is on learning and making theatre together.

March 18, 2023

Workshop/Activities until early afternoon.


Nationally Live-Streamed Community Event & Performance where the students will showcase their talents from the weekend of festivities. 


There will be a special performance by Sunshine 2.0 and Festival Awards will be given out to conclude the evening.

March 19, 2023

Travel day.

Festival Goodbye's

Festival Highlights '22

National Deaf High School Competition, Handflash!
2022 Teams

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2024 Festival Organizers

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Support for the National Deaf High School Theatre Festival is made possible by
the generous support from The Kimball Family Fund and Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.

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